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Directions to Artist's Grove Cottage

1641 Oak Grove Rd. Nashville, IN 47448

Go to the stoplight in the center of Nashville, where the Courthosue is located. This is the interesection of Van Buren (north/south) and Main Streets (east/west).

Turn West on Main St., and proceed to the edge of town (you'll go through 2 stop signs).

Continue going west, (Main St. becomes Helmsburg Road), and you will see St. Agnes Catholis Curch on the left. Proceed to Helmsburg Road, going up the hill.

When you come down the hill on the other side, pass by Country Club Road, which is the first road to the left. Then just a few hundred feet ahead is a second road to the left, which is Oak Grove Road.

Turn left on Oak Grove Road. Watch for oncoming traffic as you turn, this is a dangerous curve.

Artist's Retreat Cottage will be the first place on your left, and there is a sign at the end of the driveway: "Artist's Retreat Cottage". It's a small green house / big red barn.

Driving time / distance from the stoplight: about 5 mintures / 2 miles.

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